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Jan 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
're finished here. don't get up. i got it. you're busy. continue. you know what my team is doing right now? no. they're trying to figure out what's wrong with me. what's wrong with you? thanks for asking. they found out that i'm dying. that's sad. everyone's dying. that's sad. meteor lands on my head tomorrow, it's all academic. i told them to leave me alone, but did they? d-did they? no, that one was rhetorical. oh. no, they did not. what the hell were you before you hit your head? hell is a bad word. so's ass and bitch. i could probably rattle off 50 much more complicated and disgusting ones, but then your dad would get pissed at me. do you like your life? what life? your life. playing the piano, going on tour. scoring girls left and right. i don't like girls. boys. whatever gets you off. i like the piano. what's wrong? dr. peter hayes? this is eric foreman at princeton plainsboro. you're doing a signal transduction inhibitor clinical trial. what kind of results have you been-- transduction inhibitors are a decade away. bye, pete! they've got another trial going on at duke. 15% extend their
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
don knapp is at ireland's bar in san francisco, where the faithful are gathered. don? >> reporter: you know, anne, the irish faithful, but they are not watching football or soccer or anything like that. they are watching the 49ers! and of course with the game going as it is, they have good reason to cheer! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: they were groaning and cheering, as green bay scores first in the playoff game. fans here at ireland's are not faint at heart. >> it's been incredible, being here in the middle of all of this is exhilarating to watch. >> got off to a bad start today, huh? >> yes, yes, but it's very early. lot of time left. lot can happen. >> we came up from socal to watch the game. >> you could watch it down there, you know. >> no, we gotta be in san francisco, definitely. >> absolutely, gotta be in the crowd. >> you're in the crowd now. how does it feel? >> feels great. this is perfect! couldn't be better! >> go! >> reporter: a few more minutes and the niners had scored. the crowd warmed up. [ cheers & applause ] >> re
Jan 12, 2013 7:00am PST
company is testing out a feature that charges users 100-dollars to send direct messages to people they don't know. friend-to-friend messages would still be free. facebook says charging for messages may d >>> sending messages to people you don't know used to be free. facebook is charging for messages may discourage junk mailers. >>> all right, it is 7:12. we've got chilly temperatures. brian, what do we have? >> chilly temperatures. starting out mostly in the 30s with the forecast highs today near 50 degrees. so it won't be too warm today, but beautifully clear as we head out. the numbers this morning with that freeze warning posted for the bay area. the temperatures will get down tonight. it'll be colder tonight, saturday night early sunday morning than what it was last night. and by about 5 degrees, beautiful sunrise for the bay area in the dawn area here. some frost out this morning. oakland with 35 degrees and santa rosa down to 30 degrees. that's how it looks going to the satellite with the big dome of high pressure leading to northwesterly flows. t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3